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Companion Care Improves Mood and Reduces Loneliness for Seniors

As cornerstones of wellness, mental and emotional health deserve attention

Over the next 25 years, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts that the elderly population is likely to climb to over 80 million people. This will result in many people to care for. Companion care models like the one we have here at Comfort Keepers are likely to become more and more important. Two of the most overlooked, yet vitally important, areas of a person’s overall wellness are their mental and emotional health. Not only do these areas affect the individual, causing fluctuations of mood and lack of sleep, but also poor mental health or emotional disturbances can affect the health of the physical body.

How to Tell if a Senior is Lonely or Suffering from a Mental Illness

It is estimated that nearly 20% of the aging population has some form of depression. When you include the number of undocumented cases, you can imagine that the numbers are even higher. Companion care workers seek to improve the day to day life of seniors, and one of the most important ways to keep their clients safe and active is by simply being there. Of course, they don’t take the place of friends or family members, but it is beneficial to have someone to provide assistance when needed.

The best indicators of a senior’s mental health or feelings of loneliness, which can preface bouts of isolation or increased emotional strain, include:

  • Mentioning that they are lonely – sometimes direct requests for more socialization is an indicator that they are feeling the stress of being lonely
  • Withdrawing from social situations when they otherwise would not
  • Lethargy, changes in sleeping patterns, or overall depressed mood
  • Changes in eating habits including skipping meals or overeating

Companion Care Resources Can Give Seniors the Boost They Need

There are many opportunities for seniors to find community in Berks County. Socialization is one of the biggest contributors to social wellness. When you include socialization in the companion care plan for your loved one, you will likely see positive changes in mood, health, and happiness. Our home care aides encourage clients to get out and meet friends and spend time with others. We can drop them off or accompany them to provide moral support.

Depending on what side of the county is most convenient, seniors can visit the Kennedy Senior Center, the Family First Resource Center, the Casa de le Amistad, or any of the Berks Encore offices.

Find Out More About Mental and Emotional Health

Comfort Keepers provides the individualized and compassionate care that all seniors deserve. Find out what options are available by calling us at 610-678-8000 or filling out our Contact Us form. We will be happy to answer any questions. We also provide free in-home consultations to determine how we can best care for your loved one. 


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